Thursday, May 20, 2010

Romans 12:12

"Be Joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."

Today we try again. We are still facing the same setbacks with Daniel's kidneys and liver and his white cell counts. God willing, he will stand strong on his own today. He is such a tough little guy.


Sammy Pajammy said...

We are praying with you this morning!! Wendy and Samantha

Anonymous said...

We are praying with you!
Hugs from Virginia,
Allison & family

The Gemmas said...

We are praying for you guys. I know this is such a critical time. I will pray that our love and devotion will give Daniel the strength to weather this storm. We are with you all. Thank you for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Daniel, that he may feel the strength of God's healing hands upon him. Praying for all of you, that you may continue in faith that Daniel will be healed and may God's strength envelope you so that you can remain strong for Daniel and one another.

In Prayer,

Anonymous said...

We are sending lots of prayers your way!!!!
Kristy and The Leary Family

Anonymous said...

faith makes all things possible, but not easy. Hold strong, we are feverently praying for you
-god bless,

Spring Transleau said...

I check this blog several times during the day. Daniel and your family are constantly on my mind. Lots of people are pulling for him and you. We all have faith that a miracle will happen and that he will be well enough one day to reach out and help another as you have helped him. Your love and strength will carry him through. You are incredibly remarkable people. You are an inspiration to many. Hang in there. You and Daniel will make it. I believe that with all my heart. This trial will only make you stronger.

Lots of Love, Spring and Family