Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Steps

Today left us with some positive developments. We are cautioned that this will be a long road and there will be some steps backwards, but that there is hope and we need to be very, very patient.

Daniel's heartbeat and oxygen levels were stable today. They are beginning to wean him from the ECMO machine at a very slow pace, but so far so good. The drainage from his nose and mouth seem to be lessening a bit, and the doctors saw an improvement. He also had less fluid coming from his lungs, so they are hopeful that what they are doing is working. We will find out tomorrow morning in the form of an X-ray. They also found a nebulizer treatment that can be used with out removing his ventilator, which we make the process much easier and more effective. They also put him on TPN, which is basically nutrition in a bag through an IV.

We saw more smiling faces in the ICU today, and ours were included. We were also joined by my Mom and Dad, along with Jimmy's Dad. Oh the joy of having parents to be there for you. We are now thankful for the most slightest of improvements. Our little guy is hanging in there. Please do us a favor and hug your little ones a little tighter tonight (and always).

Thanks again for the humbling outpouring of love and prayers. We are so grateful.


Amy said...

Stay positive and no that a lot of love and prayers are with all of you right now. Take care and God Bless

Biba said...

The numbers of your support system is amazing to us.

Recylda e Valdemir said...

Lisa and Jimmy
Stay strong.
Sending lots of love and positive thoughts.
I pray for him everyday.

Melissa Portie said...

Lisa, I am so behind on emails and checking on blogs that I am just catching up on Daniel's surgery and current condition. I will DEFINITELY add him to our prayer list! I am encouraged from your last entry - he sounds like he is improving every day.

We will be praying for you and your family and thinking of you guys.

Anonymous said...

Your family and Daniel have been constantly on my mind today. We will continue to keep praying for Daniel and we will keep checking for more updates....


Anonymous said...

Please know that the prayers are extending all through New York and the east coast! He is one strong little boy with an even stronger family! Marcy and Scott Miller