Wednesday, May 26, 2010

His chest is closed

It feels so strange not to have to "suit up" in a gown, gloves and mask! Daniel's chest has successfully been closed. I must admit that I became so used to suiting up, my inner germ-phobia makes me want to continue!

My friend Carmen and I scurried off to 11:45 mass while Jimmy waited with Bubba and Grandpa for the surgery to finish. We came back to a happy report that all went well.

They will monitor him closely, especially in the area of blood pressures. In a few days, hopefully his lungs will have cleared enough for him to be switched from the oscillating ventilator (short bursts of air) to a traditional ventilator (longer bursts of air). Right now, we pray for healing of all organs so his body can move towards the next steps. Thank you for standing by our man:)


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news! Hooray Daniel you little fighter!
Praying with you,
Allison & family

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, Sounds like a good day for daniel. The baby you gave the crib to is named Allen. As sweet as sugar. They asked me to send ypu there thank yous and they too will pray for Daniel. May Daniel and Allen both have sweet dreams. Thanks again and I am rooting hard for you all.
Suzy?The Giving Tree

Ana said...

Awesome! That little fighter sure is chugging along. Such good news! 3Ds

amy said...

What great news. A lot sooner than you both thought. God has bless you all.

Jennifer and Greg said...

Great news!

He has come so far from last week. He feels the love and prayers sent his way!

Most importantly God hears the prays being said for Daniel. We are so thankful!

Stay strong!


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Daniel's inner monologue today went something like this... "Ok Dr. Mandy! enough with those baby steps you keep telling Mom and Dad about! Today I'm taking BIG STEPS..."

Yay Daniel. I knew you could do it.

Hugs to all!!

P.S. I hope Madi has a wonderful special day tomorrow. She looks as cute as could be in those pics!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for continued organ restoration and full healthy function! So excited to hear that his chest is closed up. Praying that today's fever would go down and stay down, and that whatever is causing it would simply dissolve. Praying as a family, for your family! Love and hugs, Kate Hillegeist