Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ending on a good note

We breathe a sigh of relief tonight as Daniel's progress continues to move in the right direction. Bubba and Grandpa came to sit with Daniel today while we drove home to spend time with Madi and get a few things done. I think they need to come down more often! The profusionists continued to wean him off the ECMO machine and his body is responding well. Today's X-ray looked good, and we hope that every day will bring more room for air flow. They started giving him a small amount of formula through a nose tube so his body doesn't 'forget' how to process food. He is looking more like Daniel every day too:)

I need to throw a mention to The Ronald McDonald House. We are staying here on the hospital campus for a mere $15 per night. This place is a blessing and I don't know how we'd do without it. It's a dormitory style place and provides for a nice, clean place to rest in a truly endearing environment. If you travel by a McDonald's in the future, you can rest assured that your change in that box is going to a very worthy cause for many families all over the world.


Mo said...

Ditty to the rescue. God Bless the Wharton/Murphys..

Carmen said...

Praise God !