Friday, May 14, 2010

Daniel's Team

A few friends have asked about Daniel's care and if someone is looking after him on a regular basis. As I write, Daniel has 2 dedicated nurses today and six doctors are camped outside of his room right now discussing today's action plans. He has a specialist, called a profusionist, dedicated to monitoring his blood and oxygen flow. He has a respiratory specialist who comes by regularly to check his lung function. A neurologist just walked in to see Daniel, but right now it is too difficult to tell if his brain function has been compromised since he is still fully sedated.

We did meet with his surgeon this morning. He confirmed that the fluid is lessening in Daniel's lungs and they believe the bleeding has stopped. This means that the cloudiness on the X-ray, which appears to be blood, will take time to break down and see improvement. There are some hiccups with liver and kidney function but nothing unexpected for someone going through the trauma of cardiac arrest.

Dr. Rosenkranz reminded us of the ups and downs here. Please continue to pray for his recovery.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, Jimmy,
Our love and prayers every day!! We love you all so much. I wish I could give you a big hug and help you all through this easier. Anything, just anything you need you call us - Always, always thinking of Daniel.
Hugs, Love, Prayers
Karyn, Alex, Brooke, Brent

Anonymous said...

hey Lisa, have been praying and will continue to. We love Daniel and am/have been praying he will have a major turning point today in recovery for the better! That as he gets better, and better, he will grow older and bolder, and live to proclaim the mighty deeds of the Lord! Thanks for posting. Laurie gave me your number and I would love to call you and pray on the phone together! Love and grace, Kate Hillegeist

Carmen said...

Praying for Team Daniel !