Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update on Daniel

Once again we are so humbled by your prayers and all of the prayer warriors out there for Daniel. It sounds like the whole world must be praying for him.

The morning brings us the following updates. On the good side, his organs seem to be stable. Though he is assisted by the ECMO machine, his heart beats are still stable. The obstacle today is Daniel's lungs. One of the necessary elements of the ECMO machine is heparin, which is a blood thinner. Unfortunately, heparin can cause bleeding. Daniel's lungs, for some reason, are filling with fluid from this and the various medications he is on to reduce his swelling and output urine. Today is about trying to find out why his lungs are filling up and to try to make room for air so Daniel can breathe properly.

We are being strong and we refuse to give up hope. We can clearly see that none of our friends and family are giving up either! He is such a strong little boy. We truly believe that God sent us halfway around the world for a reason to bring him home. We believe that reason is to be with us.

Please keep praying...


Mo said...

You are so STRONG!!! Just keep being positive and it will happen...the power of positive thinking can overcome. He is so lucky to have you guys...we are all thinking of you every minute of the day - love love love u

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Jimmy, positive thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. Stay strong!



Karen Dye said...

I love you all very much and I you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

Emily said...

We are thinking of you and sending all good thoughts and love your way! We will pray pray pray and then pray some more- God Bless the Murphy's!
The Roberts

Elaine Taule said...

To the entire Murphy family
Our prayers and the prayers of everyone we speak with are with you and Daniel. God is good and will help him to get well. Daniel will be able his continue his journey and continue to feel the love and warmth of the very special family that God brought him to.
We love you all!!
Elaine and Alfie

Spring Transleau said...

I have Daniel and your family constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I just know he will get stronger with every day. I will continue to reach out in prayer as will all the women of grace and the moms group. Stay strong! And remember that when you need to lean on someone, there are plenty of people ready willing and able to be available for you to lean on. May God bless you with the strength(and whatever else) you need to do what is necessary for Daniel and your family. Hang in there. Things will go up from here.

Anonymous said...


I only met you briefly on Atlantic Avenue and you were so kind to invite Payton and I to join the MeiMeis. I wish you all the prayers for a speedy recovery for Daniel.


Carrie said...

Lisa, we had a wonderful day with Madi and we would love to have her again anytime soon. Please don't hesitate to call.
You can't imagine how many prayers are being said for your family these days. Rest in the Spirit it is holding you all.

Ana said...

Daniel is awesome just like his family. Stay strong. We know he'll pull through this and start running around soon. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way. 3Ds