Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank God for quiet nights!

We are always happy to report another one:) They have been able to come down on his heart meds a bit, so Daniel is getting closer to chest closure. They want to strategize about the best way to get some more fluid off him first though. He produced 500 ml of urine in the past 24 hours, which was up from the day before:) He is starting to look less puffy too.

We feel good today. We feel positive. Thank God that Jimmy has been so strong through this while Mommy has had more than a few weak moments this week. I think I'm back on track now! It has really been helping to go to daily Mass at the Chapel here. The Lord's house has a way of comforting us and keeping us centered:)


Dawn T. said...

Lisa, everyone of us have weak moments, everyone of us question. This is what makes us human and Him God. Even people you think are of very strong faith question and it usually makes our faith stronger in the end! One day I will share how Daniel has helped me in my faith journey. So grateful to hear he is improving. Keep the faith! Dawn T.

Tabitha said...

and I will share with you one day too. We have all learned through this experience with you. You are amazing parents and I am so happy reading your blog posts knowing that each day brings you closer to bringing your sweet little boy home!

Ana said...

Lisa, you and Jimmy have been nothing but strong! We are thinking of you guys every day and are so glad to hear such good news. 3Ds

Mo said...

This is so tough for you guys. I'm thinking of you two all the time. Life must be standing still. My thoughts are with you and prayers for all.