Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back in Miami

First I must say we had a great time seeing Madi today. She performed so well. The look on her face was of pure shock when she saw us in the audience. She was totally surprised. It seemed as if she was looking for Daniel's face in the crowd too. Once the reality hit that we were actually there, she couldn't stop smiling! We went to lunch together and spent some time playing chess (Bubba's been teaching her) before it was time to head back. She was sad when we left, but apparently that went away once we turned the corner! We received Madi's first report card--straight A's!!! She's such a great student:-) We will miss Mrs. Bivens and feel so fortunate to have had her as Madi's first teacher.

As I write, Daniel's blood is being washed through a dialysis-like process called plasma exchange. This is supposed to help his kidneys start working effectively again by cleansing some of the junk out of his blood. This process will take a couple of hours. He's had a high fever all day, but I've watched it drop point-by-point since we returned at 4:00. The plasma exchange should help with the fever too. It seems they are determined not to leave anything on the table when it comes to treating Daniel:)


Bill, Karen, Billy and Lily said...

Lisa, Jim, Madi and Daniel,
Good to hear you got to spend time with Madi today and that Daniel is doing well. Sounds like Daniel has great care and they are doing all the right things. Lots of hugs from the McCarthy's

Bill, Karen, Billy and Lily

PS I post the progress reports on Facebook and lots of people are praying for healthy recovery.

Biba said...

Hi Max,

Madi is making more and more plans for the two of you when you get home. No rush; take all the time you need. You're pulling the heavy weight and doing an amazing job.

Love, love, love from us all.

Carmen said...

Fevers usually spike at night so its a good sign if his is coming down.

Praying fever to be gone by morning.

Rog N Deege said...

Hooray that you got to spend the day with Madi! Thanks for your faithfulness in keeping us all updated. Still thinking of and praying for Daniel and for all of you.