Friday, May 14, 2010

A Message from Madi

Dear Daniel,

I love you, Daniel. I love you a little more than mommy and daddy. I love you more than the whole world, Daniel, because I know you are my little brother and you are going to have heart surgery. When you get better you can jump off the slide with daddy helping you like me.

Daniel, yay, yay, yay. Daniel James Murphy.

When you come home I will let you into my room. You can go wherever you want to because you are my baby brother. I love you, Daniel.

End it right now.

I love you mommy and daddy so much. I'm using my kissing hand. I hope you are using your kissing hand too. Mommy, hug Daniel for me. I hope you kiss Daniel's bear for me, okay? I wish I could be with Daniel. I made a card for Daniel but I cannot find it. I will make another one, okay?

Mommy can you send a note for us too please?



Carmen said...

Oh you have to save that letter for Daniel. What a sweet little girl she is. We missed her yesterday.

Big Hugs

michelle said...

ohhhh...i am overcome with emotion. And thrilled to hear that Daniel is improving, albeit slowly. He is getting the best care and receiving so much love...We are praying and filling our hearts with love for Daniel. And I think I can send a hug...lots of hugs! you too...<> much love and strength, Michelle, Dave and Kayla

Kendra said...

Dear Lisa and Family,
I left a message yesterday but I don't think it went to you. I wanted you to know that Madi is doing fine in school we had a good day, she was excited to go home with friends. I am praying for Daniel and your family, I have called my bible study group to all pray for Daniel too. I missed his kisses this week. Please if I can do anything let me know. I am here for your mom too, if she needs anything at all my cell #is 561-374-2423. Love to you all and know that I have many people praying for him and he is on the prayer list at the church. Your a strong family and he is going to be just fine he is so tuff for such a little guy.
Love you all,
Kendra Bivins

Michelle Gemma said...

Our prayers are with you guys. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to call. Hang in there. Love & blessings from the Gemma's. xo