Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yay, Yay, Yay Daniel James Murphy!

Daniel's totally on his own now with chest tubes removed and holding strong! His lung function is still supported by a ventilator, and they are pacing his heart until his body proves to be stable. We are told to expect a very bumpy 36 hours to come with blood pressure issues and other issues that they will continue to stay on top of.

Today brought many family visitors including my brother, Andrew, who flew in from NH today to be here for Daniel:) Our Aunt Diane and Uncle Rick showed up too (upon special request). Best friend Sherril Debonis has been here all day as Daniel's cheerleader and ours too, along with other very dear friends. We fielded many loving phone calls and emails of inspiration and prayers.

May God bless all of you for the love and support you've given to Daniel and to our family to date. I'll never be able to name all of the special people who have so lovingly prayed for Daniel. So many of you we don't even know. We are so blessed. Daniel has obviously touched many lives.


Karen said...

What great News. I have been so nervous today. He certainly is a fighter. We continue to pray for all of you. We also have many family and friends praying. Way to go Daniel! Daniel, even though we have not met you, you will always be part of our forever family.

Karen and Bill

Carmen said...

Thanks be to almighty God.

Here's praying for a quiet night and good rest for you all.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy and Lisa,

What great news to receive today! We will continue to pray for you and Daniel. You are amazing parents continue to be strong. Daniel continue to fight! Love to you and God Bless you.


Ana said...

F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!! We're doing the happy dance right now. So good to hear this news. Sending lots of love your way. 3Ds

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the good news. Love you guys, Bob abd Marie

Jani McKay said...

Lisa & Jimmy -
We have been checking on Daniel's progress all along. I know it was a rollercoaster of a day/week. Stay strong. He feels your strength. Stay positive - you have so many friends and family here for you. Love and prayers to all of you.
Jani & Steven McKay
Tell DJ that Shauny said to get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how we've wanted and prayed to hear that news! Daniel has touched our lives in so many ways. Your strength is amazing and we will continue to pray for little Daniel. Stay tough - all of you!


Chris and Nino

Carrie said...

Such wonderful, hopeful news and so amazed at Daniel's strength! God be with you all...

whatever you here


Dana La Bruyere said...

Hi Daniel, It's Dana, Stephen's Mom. I feel so blessed to have met you today. I haven't stopped thinking about you and Madi & Mommy & Daddy. I am sending all of you PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT, BLESSINGS & PRAYERS.
My prayer is that you rest during the night, fly with the angels & allow your little body to heal...there are so many people praying for you Daniel. You are a brave little soldier and loved so very much! Keep fighting!

With my love and trust in Jesus,
Your friend, Dana xo

Dana La Bruyere said...

Hi Daniel,
I feel so blessed to have met you today. I haven't stopped thinking of you & Madi & Mommy & Daddy. Sending Peace & Love & Light your way my little friend!
Rest your body during the night, fly with the angels during your sleep & allow them to protect you with their wings of strength & love. You are a brave little soldier & are so blessed to have such a loving Mommy & Daddy.
Keep feeling the love during your fight. Can't wait for you & Alexa to have a play date!

Much Love,

Scott Wintermute said...

So happy to see this good news this morning! Daniel is definitely a fighter. We miss you guys and will continue to pry for you all.

Scott,Lynn, Jaeden, & Russell

Anonymous said...

We think of Daniel everyday and pray for him. You are all in our thoughts always....

The Bylows

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!! So thrilled to hear of the latest news. We continue to pray and keep you all in our hearts. Wendy, Ed and Sammy

Allie said...

This is wonderful news! We continue to pray for all of you.
--Allison & family