Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Hopeful Development

Last Thursday, my dear friend Carrie Socha called me to say that her Grandmother called her that morning. Her Grandmother had this very strong feeling about Daniel. The message to us was, "Tell them to check the medication." Of course, our friend felt obligated to relay this information and of course I felt obligated to mention this to Daniel's doctors.

On Saturday, the doctors began looking at making some changes and trying to find a reason why Daniel's platelet counts were so low despite the fact that they were giving him platelets. They began suspecting that Daniel might have a sensitivity to Heparin, which was used throughout his time on the ECMO machine and was also used for his kidney dialysis. Yesterday, the results came back that Daniel was "positive" for a reaction with Heparin. While Heparin usually acts as a blood thinner, in Daniel's system his antibodies began fighting the Heparin and it began clotting. He developed something called 'HIT'. (Andrew, look it up for me please:) We are hoping that this discovery will only lead to quicker healing. He still has some battles to overcome, but one can hope!

Thank you God for sending your Holy Spirit to us and to people in our lives in this time of need.


anonymous said...

Amazing! You must read Rushnell's book, "When God Winks at You." These "coincidences" are more than what they appear to be. God is indeed watching over all of you! Keep the faith.

Andrew said...

HIT, or Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heparin-induced_thrombocytopenia

Dana La Bruyere said...

Hello "Brave Faithful Soldiers!"
I hope you are getting some rest tonight. I haven't stopped thinking & praying for all of you & sending Daniel distant Reiki. I have put the Murphy Family & Daniel's healing on the St. Jude family prayer list. Another entire community is praying for all of you including "Baby Logan" & his family.
Lisa & Jimmy you are a beautiful gift & example of unconditional love. How VERY BLESSED Madi & Daniel are to have you as their Mommy & Daddy, & you to have them as your daughter & son!
Lisa, you are so efficient about keeping all the hundreds of us updated on Daniel's progress with this blog. Thank you, I check every morning & afternoon & night. I am cheering Daniel on & sending BIG SQUEEZE Hugs every step of the way.
I'm sure you know by now that HIT can be treated with itravenous Argatroban or Lepirudin. Both drugs used for a reaction to Heparin.
My blood type is A+ & I am a regular red/platelet donor. Please let me know if you need me or if I can donate directly to Holtz in love & prayer for Daniel.
Please know I am with you every step of the way...even if you can't see me...
May the Holy Spirit continue to fill your hearts with love & hope!
Peace Love & Light,

Anonymous said...

God is sooooooooo AMAZING. How he takes care of his children!!!!

The Burdens