Friday, May 14, 2010

Moving in the right direction

Tears of joy this morning as we walked into ICU. Daniel fared well through the night.

He is outputting more urine. They were able to lessen some of his medications. They weaned him a bit more from the ECMO machine and his heart is holding strong with the rest it's being given. We are told that the X-ray of his lungs is still pretty cloudy, BUT it does look slightly better than yesterday. He is still paralyzed and on full sedation for his safety, but we are told he can feel our touch, so today we will try to spend more time in the room with him since he is more stable. We also brought his musical seahorse to be with him last night, and his nurse was kind enough to put it on for him throughout the night. We figured that would soothe him, since he was used to it from home. The medical staff looks to be breathing a little easier today when they visit Daniel. Again, we know this will be a long haul, but sweet Jesus it is a relief to receive good news. Once we meet with his surgeon today, I will try to post again with today's obstacles and plan of action.

Your prayers are working. We are forever indebted.


Jennifer and Greg said...

Praising God with you this morning for the improvment!

Even though we are not with you this is so heavy on our hearts and we are thinking of you often.

We will continue our prayers for healing for Daniel.

God is able!

Greg and Jennifer

Karen McCarthy said...

We are so glad to hear this. You are all on our minds constantly. Stay strong and think positive. We wish we lived closer to help. Thank you for the updates. Daniel is a fighter. Love to all.

Karen and Bill McCarthy

Anonymous said...

all our love and prayers are with you always!

The Burden family

Ana said...

Yay!!! We are so relieved to read this. Wishing you continued good news. Go, Daniel, go! 3Ds

Melissa Portie said...

Praise God for Daniel's improvement! We are praying for him and he is on my heart and mind every day. My older children prayed for Daniel this morning before school. Just know that GOD can move mountains!

Melissa Portie and family...