Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Slideshow

Time in the hospital has allowed me to finally add the slideshow of pictures from China to bring home our precious little boy (right column).

I came across this picture of Jimmy with Ronald McDonald in China. When I took the picture, we never dreamed that he'd invite us to move in with him!!


Anonymous said...

that is such a great pic..!! we always try to give something to r mc d house.. such a great cause.. the Bie's send a ton of love to you all!!!! and prayers for sweet Daniel :-)

Carmen said...

Lisa - you are a great photographer, the pictures from China are amazing. Loved the slideshow.

Glad to hear that there is something good about McDs.

Keep the good reports coming!

Dana La Bruyere said...

Hey Lisa Lisa, I have been thinking of you & Jimmy, Madi & Daniel & just spoke to Shari about Daniel's update. She directed me to your blog & I want to thank you for keeping us all informed about Daniel's progress! GOD BLESS YOU, LISA & JIMMY, for taking on this challenge. I know things are VERY SCARY right now for you, but BELIEVE that all is happening according to the Divine Plan! I know it is so so hard, but keep the faith my friends!
I would love to visit Daniel & share my faith with him & all of you! I have several relics & much Holy Water to bless him with. I hope will you allow me to share, Stephen's Bright Spirit & to bring Daniel & all of you comfort!
My prayers are with you during this VERY DIFFICULT blessed you & Daniel & your family are to have EACHOTHER!! You are ALL ANGELS on this Earth! Sending you LOVE & HOPE & STENGTH on your journey. Please let me know that it is ok to visit!!

With LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, & HOPE & Trust in Jesus,


Jennifer and Greg said...

We are so glad to hear of the improvements. He is moving in the right direction. Go Daniel Go!

We will keep praying!

I am so glad you have a nice place to rest at Ronald McDonald house.